Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Lippomix maintains six (6) extensive research and development laboratories on the premises.
Lippomix uses state-of-the art analytical instrumentation for research and development, and lipid characterization.

Analytical Lab

Lippomix has a full and complete array of analytical equipments to supplement research and quality control operations.

Biochemistry Lab

Development of new therapeutic agents and products is taking place in our Biochemical Lab everyday.

Electron Microscopy Lab

We have equipments on site to visualize cellular interactions and liposomes at the most basic level.

Liposome Lab

Maximum pharmaceutical and nutritional delivery starts with the advanced technology only available at LIPPOMIX.

Organic Chemistry Lab

Fully equipped Organic Chemistry Lab for new compound development and drug discovery.

Spectroscopy Lab

Advanced instrumentation at Lippomix enables us to remain at forefront of cutting edge technology.