Success With Lippomix December 29, 2017 14:29

To learn how Lippomix Liposomal Glutathione worked for one of the world-renowned physician Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa's patients, read the following except from his book, Treating Parkinson's Disease Using Glutathione IV Therapy:

"I have tried different liposomal gultathion products from American companies and Lippomix Liposomal Glutathione seems to work better for Parkinson's patients compared to the other companies' liposomal glutathione products.

My patient was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, she had difficulty standing and turning, her right leg would sometimes shake uncontrollably, her hands would tremble, and she would drop things and couldn't write properly. Additionally, she was tired and less sociable.

This patient had been using glutathione IV therapy at a dose of 2400 mg of glutathione once or twice a week.  I was worried because this patient had to skip her glutathione IV therapy for a week, so I prescribed Lippomix Liposomal Glutathione for the patient to try. She started taking this liposomal glutathione the next day and she recognized that her tired symptoms had improved and mentally she flet "a peace of mind" that made her feel secured.

The patient then started taking a Lippomix Glutathone packet in the morning or when she felt tired. sometimes she would forget to take it which to me was good evidence that it was working because she didn't feel the pressure of having to take it, but continued to take it at her own pace as she felt she needed to.

During the summer holiday her grandchildren visited her and there  was a great deal of chaos, but she could handle it without glutathione IV therapy because she was taking the Lippomix Glutathione between IV sessions. This patient now seems like she has forgotten about her Parkinson's disease because her condition has become stable. She can walk normally, her facial expression has become brighter and her friends have asked her, "what was wrong with you?" because everyone knew she had Parkinson's disease, but now she acts normal. Feeling better, she wants to invite people to her house again.