Non-GMO Is Only For Food Grade! March 17, 2017 17:59

We always receive the following question:

"Do any of Lippomix products contain any ingredients that are derived from GMO sources?"

The answer:

Lippomix products only use the purest, the highest percentage quality ingredients to produce our liposomal formulations; every ingredient has its own Certificate of Analysis, plus in-house testing for any trace of elements. We ensure there are no traces of GMO-related chemicals in our ingredients.

That is also why we use pure pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine to produce the best encapsulated formulations.

Keep in mind the vast majority of non-GMO sourced products in the market are only food grade: these are not pure ingredients. We must use a much higher degree of purity than is required for food-grade products, because food products couldn't produce our consistently higher liposome encapsulation rates.