How Do You Read This Absorption Graph November 08, 2017 13:56

The above graph shows the results of an animal study conducted with Lippomix liposomal curcumin. The levels of curcumin and curcumin glucuronide achieved with liposome formulations manufactured with Lippomix' proprietary process. These levels are also compared against a prior study using conventional liposomes prepared by a third party.

Animals were dosed orally with liposomally encapsulated curcumin at a dose of 100 mg curcumin per kg of body weight. Blood levels achieved by the Lippomix formulation reach a level of approx ten times those of the conventional liposome formulation within ten minutes of administration. While the blood levels of curcumin drop off rapidly, the levels of the primary metabolite, curcumin glucuronide, remain high and persist in the plasma indicating that the curcumin was absorbed and delivered into the bloodstream and tissues and is be metabolized over an extended period of time frame..

Prior study: Biomed, Chromatogr, 2009; 23: 1201-1207